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From Creation to Destruction – The Building and Decoration of a Giant Jar by Lee Kang-hyo

The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, National Museums of World Culture, has the pleasure of hosting one of the most renowned contemporary potters from South Korea, Mr. Lee Kang-hyo, 13–17 August 2019. Korea has one of the most sophisticated traditions when it comes to building large jars, and Mr. Lee is a master of this technique. Mr. Lee’s works are represented in many major museums around the world, including the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities.

Over a period of four days, Mr. Lee will use traditional techniques to build,and finally decorate, a giant jar 14–17 August in the same method as jarsmade for fermenting traditional foods, such as kimchi. After the structure of the giant jar has been completed, Mr. Lee’s very performative method of decorating will be used to complete the jar (Saturday 17 August).

With festive Korean music in the background, the potter will decorate the jar with a technique traditionally used on buncheong wares; splashing the jar with different liquid clays and manipulating it with his hands in a lively show of emotion being transferred onto the surface of the jar. On Sunday (18 August), the jar will be destroyed, and visitors are welcome to take home a piece of Lee Kang-hyo’s work. Lee Kang-hyo will also hold a public lecture during the event.


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